Rudbeckia Ball

Mixed Media (corrugated plastic, cable ties) Sculpture 2022

This work is based on the 2,2-Goldberg polyhedron where the edges have been replaced with rhombic pieces of colored corrugated plastic.

Background and Inspiration

This was the result of a hands-on mathematical art sculpture construction I led August 4, 2022 at the National Museum of Finland as a part of the 2022 Bridges Conference Family Day event.

A total of 360 rhombic-shaped corrugated plastic pieces were used in the construction. Twelve black black and yellow modules were constructed, then assembled into hemispheres by adding white pieces. The hemispheres were then joined to construct the final piece. Cable ties were used for connecting the pieces.

In this expanded polyhedral structure, the vertices are transformed into open triangular spaces. Similarly, the pentagonal and hexagonal faces are transformed into pentagonal and hexagonal openings respectively.

Building the 12 modules was done by several independent teams.
The completed modules made great hats!
The nearly complete second hemisphere.
An interior view of one of the hemispheres.
Almost complete!
Viewers exploring the final piece.

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