Goldberg Variation (artwork)
Goldberg Variation Corrugated Plastic, 72 in 2016

This is based on the 4,2-Goldberg polyhedron where the edges have been replaced with rhombic pieces of colored corrugated plastic.

Background and Inspiration

This was the result of a hands-on mathematical art sculpture construction I led at the NYC Math Festival organized by the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) held on Saturday, August 18, 2018. Participants of all ages helped assemble this piece during the event.

A total of 720 rhombic-shaped corrugated plastic pieces were used in the construction. The rhombic pieces had pre-drilled holes at their corners and were connected with cable ties. Color was used to aid in the modular construction.

Green triangular modules.
Blue triangular modules.
Modules that also work as a hat.
Adding to the modules.
Modules were connected to create twelve larger modules, which were then assembled into the final structure.
Lots of cable ties were needed to stitch the modules together.
More stitching.
Nearly complete!
The final product, after about 6 hours of work!


I am grateful for all the participants at the NYC Math Festival who helped assemble this piece!

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