Fireball (artwork)
Fireball Corrugated Plastic, 24 in 2018

This is based on the truncated icosahedron where the edges have been replaced with rhombic pieces of colored corrugated plastic.

Background and Inspiration

This was the result of a hands-on mathematical art sculpture construction I led at Hope College during a visit to give a colloquium talk in the Mathematics department on February 5, 2019. College students helped assemble this piece and it was donated to their department.

A total of 120 rhombic-shaped corrugated plastic pieces were used in the construction. Twelve yellow pentagonal units and twenty red triangular modules were constructed, then assembled into hemispheres. The hemispheres were then joined to construct the final piece.

Team A.
Team B.
Team A with a nearly finished hemisphere.
Team B.
Team A.
Stitching the hemispheres together.
The final piece!


I am grateful for all the students at Hope College who helped assemble this piece!

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