Circle of Lifelines (Artwork)
Circle of Lifelines Digital Print 2018

The cover art was inspired by the article in this issue by Hemenway and Hemenway. It is made from 500 individual curve segments, where the distances between the endpoints in each of the segments are drawn from a distribution of ages at the time of death in the USA during 2007, resulting in a rough visual representation of the lengths of lives. Intersections of individual lifelines represent how our lives are often entwined with others; some with many interactions and others exist in relative isolation, all part of the endless continuum of humanity.

Background and Inspiration

The June 2018 cover of Mathematics Magazine.

This work was originally done for use as cover art for the June 2018 issue of Mathematics Magazine. This is the eighteenth of 25 original artworks I created for the journal Mathematics Magazine during 2015–2019.

Related Works

Publication History

  • Mathematics Magazine, Cover Art, Vol. 91, No. 3, June 2018.