LCR-5-10 (Artwork)
LCR-5-10 Digital Print 2016

Illustrated in a five by five grid are graphical representations of twenty-five of the possible endgames of LCR with five players, each ending with ten non-center moves. The lines represent the movement of the final chip from the original player to the center.

Background and Inspiration

The December 2016 cover of Mathematics Magazine.

This work was originally done for use as cover art for the December 2016 issue of Mathematics Magazine. This is the tenth of 25 original artworks I created for the journal Mathematics Magazine during 2015–2019.

Related Works

Publication History

  • Mathematics Magazine, Cover Art, Vol. 89, No. 5, December 2016.


  • The paper by Torrence and Torrence was the inspiration for the cover art.