Computus (Artwork)
Computus Digital Print 2019

The cover art was inspired by the article in this issue by Teets. The image contains a grid of possible Easter dates in the Gregorian calendar (March 22–April 25) during the years (rows) when Gauss was alive (1777–1855). Easters are represented by large dots and the remaining Sundays are represented by small dots. Gauss was alive to see Easter on all but 5 of the 35 possible Easter dates, including the earliest possible, March 22, in 1818.

Background and Inspiration

The April 2019 cover of Mathematics Magazine.

This work was originally done for use as cover art for the April 2019 issue of Mathematics Magazine. This is the twenty-second of 25 original artworks I created for the journal Mathematics Magazine during 2015–2019.

Related Works

Exhibition History

Publication History

  • Bridges Linz Art Exhibition Catalog, p. 126, Edited by Conan Chadbourne, Robert Fathauer, Uyen Nguyen, and Nathan Selikoff, ISBN: 978-1-938664-29-8, Tessellations Publishing, 2019.
  • Mathematics Magazine, Cover Art, Vol. 92, No. 2, April 2019.


  • Teets