Chicken Feet (Artwork)
Chicken Feet Digital Print 2019

The cover art is an array of ``Chicken Foot'' quilting square blocks, inspired by several of the articles in this issue: two involving chickens (Eriksson \& Eliasson; McCune) and one involving quilts (Malmskog \& Haymaker).

Background and Inspiration

The June 2019 cover of Mathematics Magazine.

This work was originally done for use as cover art for the June 2019 issue of Mathematics Magazine. This is the twenty-third of 25 original artworks I created for the journal Mathematics Magazine during 2015–2019.

Related Works

Publication History

  • Mathematics Magazine, Cover Art, Vol. 92, No. 3, June 2019.


  1. (Eriksson Eliasson; McCune)
  2. (Malmskog Haymaker).