David A. Reimann David Reimann shares his life-long love of mathematics through his visual art. Mathematical elements such as symmetry, geometry, and number are common themes in his work. Using a wide range of media, Reimann creates patterns that convey messages on multiple levels and scales. His piece Pi exemplifies this by celebrating the mathematical constant π, its relationship with the circle, and the infinitely many digits in its dedecimal representation. He frequently gives talks and exhibits his original art at both the Joint Mathematics Meetings and the Bridges Conference, the largest international conference on mathematical art. Since January 2015, he has been providing original cover art for the Mathematics Magazine, a publication of the Mathematical Association of America.

He has bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics and a doctoral degree in computer science. He is a Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Albion College. In addition to teaching standard courses in mathematics and computer science, he has also taught an interdisciplinary course on mathematics and art. Along with his wife Amy, he is working on a project which documents contemporary mathematical artists. Prior to joining the faculty of Albion College in 1996, he spent ten years as a medical imaging researcher at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

He lives and works in Albion, Michigan.


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