Mathematics is Universal (artwork)
Mathematics is Universal 3D 2014

This piece is comprised of the word mathematics written in thirty different languages on the edges of a dodecahedral form. Each edge is a single piece of wood with painted letters and containing a small decorative bead. The edges are attached with metal screws to a 3D printed plastic component. The dodecahedral form echoes the Platonic association of the dodecahedron with the cosmos. The tension arising from the diversity of languages depicted is balanced by the harmony of the simple geometric form. Mathematics allows diverse people to connect by transcending race, ethnicity, and nationality. Mathematics is universal!

Exhibition History

  • Mathematics as Muse, Ella Sharp Museum, Jackson, Michigan. 1-31 October 2016.
  • Bridges 2014 Exhibition of Mathematical Art, Seoul, Korea. 14-19 August 2014.

Publication History

  • Bridges Seoul Art Exhibition Catalog, p. 104, Edited by Conan Chadbourne, Robert Fathauer, and Katie McCallum, ISBN: 978-1-938664-12-0, Tessellations Publishing, 2014.