Sunburst (artwork)
Sunburst Corrugated Plastic, 60 in 2015

This is based on an expanded truncated icosahedron where the edges have been replaced with squares of red, yellow, and orange corrugated plastic.

Background and Inspiration

This was the result of a hands-on mathematical art sculpture construction I led at the Ella Sharp Museum, Jackson, Michigan in the summer of 2015. Participants of all ages helped assemble this piece during a community event.

A total of 360 corrugated plastic squares were used in the construction. There were 180 yellow square connected into 60 triangular modules, 120 red squares connected into 20 hexagonal modules, and 60 orange squares connected into 12 pentagonal modules. The squares had pre-drilled holes at their corners and were connected with cable ties.

Community members helping wth the assembly. Color coded modules were built based on the underlying geometry.
Community members helping with the assembly. Small modules were connected to create twelve larger modules, which were then assembled into the final structure.

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