Rhombic Trio (artwork)
Rhombic Trio Cherry Veneer, 16 in 2016

Three models constructed using rhombi made from paper-backed cherry wood veneer connected at their corners using split-pin fasteners. Each rhombus replaces two adjacent triangles in a base polyhedron. The two smaller forms are based on the snub cube and snub dodecahedron (two of the Archimedean solids); they use 12 and 30 rhombi, respectively. The larger form is based on the snub rectified truncated icosahedron (a near miss Johnson solid) and uses 90 rhombi.

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  • Bridges Finland Art Exhibition Catalog, p. 111, Edited by Conan Chadbourne, Robert Fathauer, Katie McCallum, and Nathan Selikoff, ISBN: 978-1-938664-20-5, Tessellations Publishing, 2016.