Pursuing Pride

Digital Print 2023

A series of rotated squares converging to the center. Each square is filled with a color from the traditional Pride flag. The corners of the square lie along pursuit curves.

Background and Inspiration

I created this piece to show my support of friends and others who are gay or struggling with their sexual identity. A friend posted a meme on social media with the following quote: Pride is important because somewhere out there is a confused teenager who still thinks maybe being dead is better that being gay and that is not okay.

Everyone, regardless of gender, has inherent dignity and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We are a better society when everyone has pride in themselves. We are a better society when everyone is able to have pride in who and how they love. We are a better society when everyone works together to uplift and affirm the rights and dignity of others. Let this Pride be our pursuit!

From a mathematical perspective, this piece is based on the pursuing mice problem where 4 mice are placed at the corners of a square. Each mouse moves toward its clockwise neighbor. Here, the movement is done in discrete steps. After each step, the mice are at the vertices of a slightly smaller square. The paths (pursuit curves) follow logarithmic spirals until they meet at the center.

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Rainbow Gay Pride Flag from sexualdiversity.org.