Pi (artwork)
Pi Digital Print 2003

Pi, most commonly written using the Greek letter \(\pi\), is a fundamental constant found in many areas of mathematics. This artwork gives a visual connection between \(\pi\), the circle, and \(\pi\)'s nonterminating decimal expansion. There are 2000 digits of \(\pi\) used.

Background and Inspiration

This was one of my first mathematical art pieces. I created this in 2003 on a whim for a science program that was being held at Albion College. My recollection is that it was a middle-school girls program, perhaps on Pi Day (a recent holiday at the time). It still remains a popular give-away for prospective students visiting Albion College.

I wrote the software using the language PostScript, which was great for producing scalable vector graphics for printing on laser printers. Because of the scalable nature of the graphics, the print quality remains sharp at virtually any print size. The pixelated image on this page does not show the detail present printed versions. My working titles included the Pi Eye Chart and Pi Death Spiral.


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Exhibition History

  • Mathematics as Muse, Ella Sharp Museum, Jackson, Michigan. 1–31 October 2016.
  • Bridges 2012 Exhibition of Mathematical Art, College of Fine Arts Gallery, Towson University, Towson, Maryland. 29 June – 29 July 2012.

Publication History

  • Bridges Towson Conference Art Exhibition Catalog, p. 117, Edited by Robert Fathauer and Nathan Selikoff, ISBN: 978-1-938664-01-4, Tessellations Publishing, 2012.