One to One Hundred

Digital Print 2023

A composite of the numbers one through one hundred, each as a geometric arrangements of identical simple visual elements.

Background and Inspiration

This is part of an ongoing series of artworks expressing the positive integers as a geometric arrangement of identical simple visual elements that invite the viewer to contemplate the concept of number. This unary representation is naturally bijective and harkens back to the ancient counting technique that uses a one-to-one correspondence between a set of objects of interest (such as sheep or goats) and a set of counters (such as pebbles or tally marks). The artworks in this series can be used in teaching counting and in associating visual patterns with mathematical patterns.

A view showing the individual numbers from the exhibition Pi and Other Delights in 2023.
The numbers 1 to 25.
The numbers 26 to 50.
The numbers 51 to 75.
The numbers 76 to 100.

Exhibition History