Kepler Constellation (artwork)
Kepler Constellation Laser-cut Paper 2014

This artwork is a rendering of an anonymous portrait of the mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) as stars set in a lattice of regular hexagons. Areas of lightness and darkness in the original portrait are converted to dodecagons. Darker regions are rendered with sharp six-pointed stars. Lighter regions are rendered using regular dodecagons. Intermediate gray levels are rendered with a polygonal shape that varies between the sharp star and the dodecagon. These shapes were laser-cut in black paper and set in a back-lit frame.

Kepler Constellation, detail.

Exhibition History

Publication History

  • 2015 Joint Mathematical Meetings Exhibition of Mathematical Art, p. 108, Edited by Robert Fathauer and Nathan Selikoff, ISBN: 978-1-938664-14-4, Tessellations Publishing, 2015.