Hunger Globe (artwork)
Hunger Globe Carstock, 18 in 2018

This is based on an icosidodecahedron where the edges are replaced by corner-connected rectangles.

Background and Inspiration

I was part of a small group that organized a 225 mile bike tour in 2017 to raise money and awareness of hunger in the world and what my church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), is doing to improve lives of people in the USA and around the world. During that tour we visited 10 churches in the central lower peninsula of Michigan and raised over $6000. I designed this as a token of remembrance of our visit and of the issue of hunger in the world. Each church along our tour was given a Hunger Globe during our visit.

Given we were visiting 10 churches, I realized the icosidodecahedron could be decomposed into 6 sets of 10 edges. These sets were each given a color and a theme.

  • Orange: Churches we visited along our tour.
  • Red: A Bible verse related to helping those in need.
  • Green: A prayer related to the theme of hunger.
  • Blue: A note on what the ELCA is doing.
  • White: Pictures related to th ELCA's World Hunger ministry.
  • Yellow: Statistics on hunger and a call to action.
We assembled these as needed the night before visiting churches.

This piece explores the color symmetry possible with this geometric form. I was surprised to see essentially six intersecting colored bands emerge in the final form.

Three of the other organizers helping assemble a Hunger Globe.

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