Fire Pyre (artwork)
Fire Pyre Corrugated plastic, 48 in 2018

This is based on Goldberg polyhedron with tetrahedral symmetry where the edges have been replaced with corrugated plastic squares.

Background and Inspiration

This was the result of a hands-on mathematical art sculpture construction I led at the Bridges Conference in Stockholm, Sweden On July 28, 2018. Participants of all ages helped assemble this piece during a community event. Following the assembly activity, the piece was donated to the National Museum of Science and Technology (Tekniska museet).

Four triangular units of black squares were created then surrounded by red. Some young participants were assisted by their parents.
The modules then had a ring of orange added.
Finally, the modules then had a ring of yellow added.
Once the large triangular modules were completed, three were joined with white modules.
Additional white squares were added along the tetrahedral edges.
The final piece.


I am grateful for all the participants at the Bridges Conference Family Day event who helped assemble this piece!

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