Inconcievable Symmetries (artwork)
Capsule Cherry Veneer, 16 in 2017

This is a capped cylinder was created using 75 squares that are 5 cm on a side and connected at their corners using split-pin fasteners. The end-caps are based on dodecahedral hemispheres and the cylinder is based on a planar hexagonal tessellation, which results in a polyhedral form in which every vertex has order 3. The edges in the underlying form have been replaced by squares, resulting in an open lattice form. Every opening is either triangular (throughout), pentagonal (on the endcaps), or hexagonal (on the cylinder).

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Publication History

  • 2017 Joint Mathematical Meetings Exhibition of Mathematical Art, p. 69, Edited by Robert Fathauer and Nathan Selikoff, ISBN: 978-1-938664-21-2, Tessellations Publishing, 2017.


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