Amy in LEGO (artwork)
Amy in Lego lego 2016

A portrait of my wife, Amy, done in lego. It is 48 by 64 lego dots in dimension.

Background and Inspiration


For several years my wife, Amy, was executive director of the Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson, Michigan. During 2016 (January 30 through April 22) the museum exhibited a collection of works by lego artist Nathan Sawaya. Before that exhibit opened, I thought it would be fun to create a portrait of Amy out of lego. This portrait is the result.

I used a picture of Amy I took at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. as the basis of this work. First, I reduced the image to 48 by 64 pixels, then converted the color image to grayscale. A diffusion dithering algorithm was used to reduce the number of gray levels to 4, corresponding to the number of available shades of gray in the lego palette.

The reduced size image (left) of Amy and the final dithered image (right).